• Professional selection of breeding stock: Heuven Livestock has the expertise to swiftly and effectively select the required quality of breeding stock to fit your business needs
  • Breeding livestock export centre: Heuven Livestock can also provide excellent export centre services. During this quarantine period, all the necessary veterinary procedures are adhered to.
  • Veterinary checks and transport to the final destination: At the end of quarantine, an independent veterinary check is performed, which is immediately followed by transport to our client’s premises.

Furthermore, the excellent transport of the stock to your premises – wherever in the world that may be – is an integral part of Heuven Livestock’s quality guarantee system.

Through long-term and permanent relationships with sellers in the Netherlands, Germany and other countries, Heuven Livestock is able to provide the following dairy breeds; the export of pregnant animals being the most common method of delivery:

  • Holstein Friesian (Black & White and Red & White marked )
  • Simmental
  • Brown Swiss
  • Jersey


Whatever your criteria: expected production, calving age, and other requirements are kept in mind in the selection of breeding stock. As a professional partner, we strive for optimal customer satisfaction by offering high-quality breeding stock to meet your needs. The logistical operations and export documentation then take place in cooperation with the Customs Department and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) according to national and international regulations. Heuven Livestock exports to countries both within and outside Europe. Exports outside Europe have destinations such as North Africa, the near and Middle East, and Russia and her satellite countries.